Invisible Minorities: Empowering Portuguese-Speaking Youth in London

London is home to many Portuguese speakers. However, the contributions often go unnoticed, uninterrogated, and uncelebrated. 

If you are an educator, youth worker, policy-maker, community-member or service-provider and want to learn about how to better serve this diverse and fascinating community, come join us at this event!

London is home to many Portuguese speakers who have migrated to the UK. However, with roots in Portugal, Brazil and Africa, many people working with young Portuguese speakers may not have recognised them as such. As a result, Portuguese speakers often go overlooked and unheard.

This event seeks to give those working with young people the chance to hear from Portuguese speakers with varied backgrounds, so that we can create better responses to their needs.   

Due to migration, especially from Brazil and through Portugal since the 2011 census, the number of Portuguese speakers is unknown, but significantly higher than the 40,000+ documented.  With many young people from these communities struggling to meet their potential at school or in the workplace, there is a need to listen to them and improve the way we support them and their families.   

Join us on 17 June to celebrate the Mundo Lusófono! Delicious lunch and refreshments will be provided. Bring your questions and come to share your experiences. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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Event Details

Date: 17 June 2022 from 10:30 am – 2:00 pm  

Location: TBA location in London.

*If you are travelling more than 10km to attend, we may be able to offer you a travel subsidy. Email for more details.* 

Please note: The Being and Belonging programme, as well as its events, are funded for participants aged 16-30. Those under 18 who wish to attend will be required to provide parent/guardian permission