How scholarships can transform the lives of women and girls 

As the new academic year begins, thousands of girls worldwide will once again miss out on the opportunity to go to school.

Costs such as tuition, textbooks, school uniforms, and travel expenses place education out of reach for many women and girls. As part of our work, WONDER provides scholarships so women and girls can receive the education they deserve. When you join our Thrive Fund, you can be a part of the sustainable change to get women and girls into education and out of poverty.

The impact a scholarship can have on women’s education

Scholarships encourage the female leaders of today and tomorrow across the globe.

By providing women and girls with education, they also develop confidence and a sense of agency to become leaders in their own lives. For example, 1 in 3 girls are not enrolled in school in India, meaning they don’t have the opportunity to gain leadership skills or learn what women can achieve. WONDER partners with local communities in New Delhi and Haryana and continues to directly impact the lives of over 3,000 women.

Meena has received a scholarship from WONDER to pursue vocational training. She says: “Now that I am able to earn and become financially independent – I have the respect of my family.”

Scholarships remind women and girls of their own value and worth.

Scholarships show women and girls that someone believes in them, and in turn, helps them believe in themselves. This sense of significance gives women the power to recognise their own dignity, strength, and importance

Audrey, 23 years-old, received a scholarship to finish her diploma in Patisserie at the Yarani Professional Training School, in Côte d’Ivoire. As well as basic education and livelihood training Yarani also ensures very good mentoring.“The mentoring has helped me to believe in myself. I have learned to value myself for what I am.”

Scholarships give women and girls the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

With a scholarship, young women have the opportunity to develop a stable career, so they can earn income to support themselves and their families.

In Nigeria, 44% of girls are married before they reach 18, often due to lack of financial opportunities without an education. WONDER works in Nigeria to support women like Janet at Wavecrest College, who not only launch their own careers but act as a role model for other young women in their communities.

“Since I started studying here, I have seen that my dreams are valid and achievable,” she says. “I hope to be self independent through my cake business after I graduate.”

“My dream is to have my own cake studio in the nearest future, and impact in the life of other young ladies around me through training them in this cake studio.” she says.

Earning their own income provides women with financial independence, which can improve their personal lives. Women are less likely to stay in abusive relationships if they don’t have to depend on their partner for finances and shelter.

Therefore, education for women and girls provides women with a greater sense of stability, not only financially but also personally. 

Three ways scholarships make a difference

Scholarships support women and girls in the following ways:

  1. Making education accessible. By covering the cost of school fees, scholarships enable women and girls to focus on their studies, rather than worrying about finances.
  2. Developing confidence. Women and girls are empowered to foster their sense of significance through mentoring, and foster their knowledge through learning and vocational training.
  3. Building a strong future. Education builds the foundation for a strong career, and the ability to have stability in one’s life.


You can give a girl a scholarship today

Create sustainable change for young women and girls becoming a donor £5 or more a month. Join the Thrive Fund today. 

Author: Poppy Worlidge 

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