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How does corporate volunteering make a meaningful difference?

At WONDER Foundation, we are fortunate to partner with businesses and organisations that believe in our work.

Through corporate social responsibility programmes, businesses contribute to philanthropic and/or charitable aims. Corporate volunteering is a key way for companies to get involved in our mission. 

According to the 2017 Social Responsibility Journal, corporate volunteering is one of the major ways businesses meet their corporate social responsibility criteria. In corporate volunteering, employees from a corporation or business, give their knowledge and skills towards socially responsible activities with the support of their company. A wide variety of skills or knowledge can be volunteered depending on what the charities aims are and what they need.   

What benefits does corporate volunteering offer charities and businesses? 

Corporate volunteering introduces a charity’s work and accomplishments to new people, connecting charities with passionate individuals who are willing to provide their skills to make a difference. Furthermore, those who have a good experience volunteering are more likely to donate to that charity in the future.   

When an organisation is already a charity’s partner, volunteering as a corporate team can offer an opportunity for employees to understand the significant impact and commitment their employer has made. Corporate volunteering can improve an employee’s well-being, general morale, commitment to their company, and overall job satisfaction.  

Volunteering can also strengthen soft skills such as teamwork, problem solving, and time management. 

Corporate volunteering at WONDER Foundation  

At WONDER Foundation, we host regular corporate volunteering days throughout the year. Recently, the team from 1st Formations joined WONDER for the day to work on strategy and content creation. This was not only a success for us as a charity, but also for the team who volunteered. Reflecting on the day, Keziah Cowan, Head of Customer Retention at 1st Formations, says: “Being able to contribute to their work along with my team is an experience I will not forget. I know we are all excited for our next volunteering day!” 

We also offer select opportunities for teams to volunteering virtually, as was the case with our JPMorgan Force for Good partnership. The JPMorgan successfully developed a Customer Relationship Management system for us, transitioning our files onto Salesforce.  

Author: Becky Lee