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Give the gift of education

Your gift will help us to fulfill our commitment to empowering women and girls worldwide with education.


Give the Gift of education, transform lives

Your gift will help us to fulfil our commitment to empowering women and girls worldwide with education through scholarships, training programmes and mentoring. Every donation helps, no matter how big or small.


Access to education changes everything

Read the stories of the women and girls who benefit from our projects, and about the real impact that your donations make in their lives.


How will your donations change lives?

Your support is helping to transform the lives of women, girls and their communities around the world. As little as £3 could cover one student’s fees for a week at ISSI, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. No matter how big or small, your contribution can make a significant difference in a woman or girl’s life.

£50 can contribute to three months of basic IT training for a young woman in India.

£124 a month can cover a hospitality student’s scholarship fees in Honduras.

£620 can cover the cost of one of three years’ training for a nurse in DR Congo.

£1,400 can cover the cost of a two-year scholarship for a student in the philippines.

5 reasons to give to WONDER

Millions of women and girls globally are denied access to quality education. Victims of poverty and traditional gender biases, 65 million girls and young women are kept out of the classroom, and millions more are in school but barely learning. We work with 21 local women-led partners around the world to change this.


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