Fostering empowerment and safe spaces: A commitment to women’s well-being at WONDER

In the face of rising challenges such as violence and sexual exploitation, the creation of empowering and secure spaces for young girls and women is imperative.

Insufficient infrastructure, marked by incomplete roads, buildings, and sewage systems, poses obstacles to fostering a healthy and safe environment. In these circumstances, women and young girls become particularly vulnerable, underscoring the significance of providing spaces where they can feel comfortable and protected.

The global imperative for empowering spaces

According to a 2016 report, a staggering 70% of women and girls worldwide fell victim to trafficking, with 13 million girls experiencing sexual abuse in their lifetime – equating to 1 in every 20 girls aged 15-19. The risks extend across various environments, including online platforms, workplaces, homes, and local communities, exposing young girls and women to physical and psychological consequences without adequate protection.

The vulnerability of young girls and women

Acknowledging the need for safeguarding young girls and women, communities play a pivotal role in shaping environments where they can thrive. In the absence of such safe spaces, these individuals may lack the confidence to engage in educational pursuits, employment, or public life. Empowering these spaces becomes a catalyst for enabling young girls and women to pursue education and overcome the challenges they face.

Addressing global unemployment through empowered spaces

Against the backdrop of a global unemployment crisis affecting 73 million young people, the creation of dedicated spaces for young girls and women becomes paramount. These spaces offer mentoring opportunities and the freedom to pursue education, addressing a critical need in a world where quality education remains a significant concern.

Nurturing single mothers through supportive spaces

A significant demographic facing unique challenges comprises 100 million single mothers globally, 3.8 million whom are below the age of 25, with an estimated 127,000 being younger than 18. These resilient young women, often managing the responsibility of raising children alone, require support to balance the demands of work and childcare.

Collaborative initiatives for empowerment

Collaborating with 27 organisations, WONDER has undertaken initiatives to establish empowered spaces for young girls and women of all ages. One partnership involved working with ISSI to launch an online platform for training nurses and midwives in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This initiative not only empowers nurses to transition into midwifery but also contributes to the enhancement of professional healthcare services in the DRC.

The FATIMA Project: Empowering migrant women

Another one of our projects, the FATIMA project, has played a crucial role in empowering young girls and women across four countries: Poland, Slovenia, Spain, and the UK. Launched in 2018 in collaboration with Panorama, Sursum, Fundacón Senara, and The Baytree Centre, FATIMA has assisted 210 women by providing mentoring, language classes, civic partnership programs, volunteering opportunities, and work experience. By creating a safe and supportive environment, these women have been able to surmount barriers and foster mutual support through the integration process.

Impactful results in education empowerment

Through our collaborative efforts, we have empowered 22,769 women and girls through quality education. This accomplishment underscores the positive impact that empowered spaces can have on the lives of young girls and women seeking to break free from socio-economic constraints. Our commitment to empowerment and safe spaces for young girls and women is unwavering. Through strategic partnerships and targeted initiatives, we strive to create environments that uplift, educate, and support, contributing to the holistic well-being of women and girls worldwide.

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