FATIMA project

FATIMA project has been a collaborative project supporting the empowerment and social integration of migrant women across Europe.

About FATIMA project

FATIMA has been an EU partnership project, between five NGOs, with the aim of empowering migrant women, aged between 15 and 50, living in the UK, Poland, Slovenia, and Spain through a personalised and holistic approach.

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255 women directly impacted

FATIMA was launched in 2018

5 partner organisations

40 nationalities represented


FATIMA project partners

The main partners of FATIMA project compose of five NGOs who are all equally passionate about empowering individuals and communities from economically-deprived backgrounds to achieve their potential and integrate into society. The partners are situated across four countries: UK, Spain, Poland and Slovenia.


How does the FATIMA project work?

FATIMA has worked by implementing a six-step process in order to reduce isolation and barriers among migrant women in the four countries in which it is being delivered.


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