vocational work for women

Your gift will empower young women with the skills, resources, and confidence to gain fairly-paid and safe employment once they finish their education.


The COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated the effects of poverty and gender inequality. In impoverished communities, many families have lost their sources of income and their savings due to mandatory lockdown or the death of a loved one.


Without a stable job, women may enter prostitution to earn money for their families, or be married at a young age because they are seen as a financial burden. This means women are more likely to take on exploitative work, where they may be underpaid or at risk of abuse.


Join WONDER in breaking through the cycle of poverty and help young women build a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. 


With your support, we can work with our partners to ensure women receive mentoring, vocational training, and scholarships, so they can pursue empowering work and gain financial independence.

Empowering young women through quality work

Many of the women we work with do not have clear routes into a profession, even once they finish their formal education. With our partners around the world, we can provide young women with the resources to pursue careers in tourism, hospitality, nursing, and other industries.

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Women fulfilling their dreams

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