How cryptocurrency donations have supported our work with Ukrainian families

In 2021, WONDER Foundation began a partnership with The Giving Block, to start accepting donations from the crypto community.

The decision to join the Giving Block came after we received support from a group of women-led NFT artists, who wanted to donate ETH for women and girls’ education in India and around the world. Since then, WONDER has continued to receive generous support from the NFT and cryptocurrency communities. 

What are NFTs, and how are NFT artists supporting charities?

NFTs are blockchain-based cryptographic assets representing the ownership of a unique object, such as an image, gaming avatar, and video clip. One of the best-known examples was the NFT art piece created by the American artist Beeple, which sold for $69 million and made headlines around the world in March 2021.  

NFTs are “minted”, or issued, on blockchains and are tradable with cryptocurrencies, for example: Ethereum ETH, Solana SOL, and USDT. Web3 technologies, including NFTs, are expected to challenge the current centralised system operated by tech giants, and to be a force for good. As the newest arrivals among such technologies, NFTs are celebrated for their potential in building a decentralised and more inclusive social system.  

In line with this spirit of Web3, WONDER has collaborated with NFT groups, including World of Women. World of Women was first launched by a women-led team of NFT artists, who strive to build an inclusive, supportive and empowering community, and make a positive impact on the NFT space. WONDER was fortunate to receive support from World of Women as part of our emergency response for Ukrainian women and their families. 

Donating cryptocurrencies can be an exciting new opportunity for artists and individuals to contribute to a charity, such as WONDER.  

Supporting Ukrainians in Poland with cryptocurrency donations

WONDER has been working with our partner Pontes to support Ukrainian women and their families since February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine. 

Pontes has over five years’ experience in supporting the integration of Ukrainian migrant women and children in Poland. Working with Ukrainian residents in Poland and expert Poles, we are supporting the immediate needs and long-term integration of refugees.    

The immediate help coordinated with our partners on the ground and delivery vehicles from the UK included:   

  • Essential kits (food, bedding, clothes)   
  • Safe spaces to meet and support each other   
  • Preparing children to enter school and providing them with classes in the interim  
  • Psychological support and well-being, helping combat trauma and build resilience.    
  • Information, advice, and guidance referring them and supporting them to access: GP, phones and digital equipment, support with housing   
  • Supporting Ukrainians to travel safely and reunite with their family members


Since then, we have collaborated with Pontes to to build on this support in a sustainable way: refining and increasing classes, creating more safe space, networks, clubs for specific ages and activities throughout the summer. 

We could never have accomplished this work without our generous supporters, including our cryptocurrency and corporate partners, donors, and philanthropists.

How can your cryptocurrency donation help Ukrainian families?

Fighting continues in Ukraine, and many displaced Ukrainians are still unable to return home. Significant donations from groups such as World of Women, can enable us to support women and their families for the next two years. Cryptocurrency and corporate donations can help us meet the immediate needs of these families over the cold winter months to come, and provide longer-term opportunities to ensure consistent support. 

The power of crypto and corporate philanthropy is incredible. Your support today can help Ukrainian women and their families in a number of ways, including:

  • Polish language support   
  • One to one coaching/mentoring and family support 
  • School help for children (safe spaces for children and young women to study)   
  • Safe spaces to meet with Ukrainian and Polish women and families, build friendships, networks and feel welcome and wanted    
  • Information, advice and guidance on their new country; how to access services and participate in civic life   
  • Employability support (CV writing, job search and support)   
  • Continuous psychological support   
  • Service delivered in a trauma-informed way   


Authors: Julia Jockelson and Sayuri Arai

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