Kazakhstan education and teaching skills for employment


Teaching girls with limited opportunities the skills needed to secure a stable employment.

National Summary

In Kazakhstan, primary school enrollment is almost universal. The school life expectancy for all children is 15 years, this includes girls’ education in Kazakhstan. The net enrollment rate for girls in primary school is 99.9 per cent, and the progression of girls from primary to secondary school hovers around 100 per cent.

Despite the achievements in girls’ education in Kazakhstan, significant disparities begin to appear when looking at other factors. For example, there is a high prevalence of early marriages for girls. Girls who are married young are unable to complete their education and are deprived of the qualifications necessary for their own employment and independence.

Only 66.1 per cent of women participate in the labour market, 10.9 per cent less than men, there is also a wide gendered pay gap. These numbers highlight the gap between how girls participate in education and how their participation translates to opportunities after they enter the workforce.

Quick Facts


18.59 million national population


99.74% female literacy rate


33% earned less than men by women


66.1% women in the labour market

Our Work in Kazakhstan

We started working in Kazakhstan in 2015.


We work with 1 local project in Kazakhstan.


We have directly impacted the lives of 159 young women.


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