Our work focuses on grassroots entrepreneurship and empowerment for women and their communities in the region of New Delhi and Haryana.

National Summary

India with the s econd largest population in the world at 1.3 billion is the world’s largest democracy. Since achieving independence from the United Kingdom in 1947, India has increasingly emerged as an economic powerhouse and a major regional force. 

Haryana is a state in north-central India, surrounding New Delhi on three sides. It has the fifth-highest per capita income among Indian states, but as in the rest of the country, women’s participation in the workforce is significantly lower and falling in a context of economic growth and high rate of job creation.  

The state has some of the worst gender equality indicators in the country. More baby girls are aborted here than anywhere else in India. Moreover, while thousands of primary and secondary schools have ensured that basic education is available throughout the state, much of the population, especially rural women, remained unable to read in the early 21st century. 

Quick Facts

1.3 billion national population

65.46% female literacy rate

22% living under the poverty line

94% women work in the informal sector

Our Work in India

We started working in India in 2013.


We work with 1 local project in India.


We have directly impacted the lives of 3,447 women.


Featured partners and projects

We currently work with 27 women-led local partners globally who have a proven track record of helping communities through education.
We rely on their expertise to respond to local needs and solutions in order to establish sustainable long-term projects.


FPTI provides business skills and vocational training courses in hospitality to young women with fewer opportunities in the Philippines.

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ISSI provides vocational training in the healthcare sector, equipping students to become nurses and midwives in DRC.

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