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Côte d'Ivoire

Our work in Côte d’Ivoire seeks to improve the well-being of women and their families in Bingerville and Abobo.

National Summary

Since Côte d’Ivoire emerged from a period of prolonged conflict in 2011, the education system has been expanding rapidly. However, education in the country continues to face many challenges.

Despite the increase in the adult literacy rate in recent years, it remains low at 43.91% and shows a big gap between sexes.

Inequality is also present in Côte d’Ivoire’s economy and the workplace. Women’s employment positions seem to be limited and their lack of education compared to men reduces their employment opportunities.

Quick Facts

23.7 million national population

57.4% live below the poverty line

36.78% female literacy rate

33.4% females in secondary school

Our Work in Côte d’Ivoire

We started working in Côte d’Ivoire in 2014.


We work with 2 local projects in Côte d’Ivoire.


We have directly impacted the lives of 4,898 women and girls.


Featured partners and projects

We currently work with 27 women-led local partners globally who have a proven track record of helping communities through education.
We rely on their expertise to respond to local needs and solutions in order to establish sustainable long-term projects.


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