Philippines vocational training for employment


We support young women in participating in leadership programmes and vocational training.

The  Philippines  has one of the smallest rates of  gender disparity in the world. In the Global  Gender  Gap Index 2017, the  country  ranked 10th out of 145 countries for  gender equality . Yet, women are vulnerable to domestic abuse, financial instability and exploitation through prostitution and migrant work. Women have access to fewer opportunities in the labour market due to gendered barriers.

A quarter of the nation lives beneath the poverty line, with one of the highest rates of income inequality in the world. Youth not in employment, education, or training and slow school-to-work transition is a challenge in the Philippines. Around one in four young Filipinos between the ages of 15–24 are not in employment, education or training.

At a glance

108.11 million is the national population.


21.6% of the population is living below the poverty line.


96.1% is the female literacy rate.


53.3% is the population living in rural areas.



Our Work in Philippines

We started working in the Philippines in 2013.


We work with 3 local projects in the Philippines.


We have directly impacted the lives of 3,225 young women.


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