Nigeria hospitality education leading to stable employment


Providing young women with the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the hospitality industry in Lagos, Enugu and Ibadan.


Nigeria has the highest number of children out of school in the world. Out of the 57 million youngsters worldwide; not receiving a formal education, more than 10 million live in Nigeria. This is rising.

The majority of non-attendees are girls, mainly in the majority-Muslim north. Of those fortunate enough to enrol, less than two-thirds complete primary school and even fewer girls finish secondary school.

In regions where women have a lower social status, many parents opt to send their girls to work in markets rather than to school. A lack of education vastly reduces a child’s chances of escaping poverty and has led to many girls becoming wives before their 16th birthday.

At a glance

200.85 million national population


49.6% female literacy rate


10.5 million children out of school


48% girls married before age 18

Our Work in Nigeria

We started working in Nigeria in 2013.


We work with 2 local projects in Nigeria.


We have directly impacted the lives of 1,651 young women.


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