Honduras vocational training to access good quality education


Breaking the financial and social barriers facing young women in Tegucigalpa and across Honduras in accessing good quality education and vocational training.

Honduras is one of the most impoverished countries in the world with at least 66 per cent of its population living in poverty. Honduras has free education up until sixth grade, but the quality of the schools and supplies are subpar. Their teachers often go unpaid for months or are paid very little.

These circumstances make it difficult for children, especially girls, to prioritize school. When families are struggling, it is hard for the child to choose to attend school rather than stay home and help. Girls are often expected to choose family life over schooling and stay home to run the house. 

After children reach the sixth grade, most of them cannot afford to continue their education. For girls’ education in Honduras, the situation is even worse. One of their only options, after finishing sixth grade, is often marriage at the young age of twelve or thirteen. In Honduras, 34% of girls get married before the age of eighteen.

At a glance


9.56 million national population


66% living below poverty line


88.93% female literacy rate


34% girls married before age 18 

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Our Work in Honduras

We started working in Honduras in 2016.


We work with 2 local projects in Honduras.


We have directly impacted the lives of 1,316 young women.


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