In their own words: Ukrainian refugees in Poland

In this blog, our Polish partners share their experiences of supporting families who arrive from Ukraine. Since Russia invaded, over three million refugees have fled Ukraine. Most have gone to Poland, where WONDER is working with our local partners to provide emergency and long-term support to hundreds of families.   Galina’s family, Krępsk  “Today we welcomed a family […]

Empowering migrant women to thrive in Poland

As Poland opens its borders to those fleeing the war in Ukraine, we wanted to share our learning with others seeking to make migrants feel welcome. The following is a condensed version of our FATIMA report, “Empowering Migrant Women to Thrive,” translated into Polish. We intend for our Polish partners to use this as a […]

Migrant women’s pathways to thriving

We invited women involved with the FATIMA project to share their experiences of working with migrant women and their thoughts on how to better support them.

How we act matters

It should go without saying that Black lives matter. As a charity focused on transforming women’s lives through education, WONDER works with migrants and minorities in Europe and those with few opportunities in developing countries. At every juncture our partners try to work to make the women and girls they work with realise their own […]