Migrant women’s pathways to thriving

We invited women involved with the FATIMA project to share their experiences of working with migrant women and their thoughts on how to better support them.

A conversation with Maria Teresa

When she emigrated to Slovenia from Venezuela, Maria Teresa did not know where to begin her new life. Thanks to FATIMA project, she now feels rooted and sees herself firmly in place in Ljubljana.

A conversation with Panorama

A meeting about FATIMA project between partner organisation Fundacja Panorama and project external examinator Sung Kyu in Wroclaw in Poland.

A conversation with Fundacion Senara

Meeting with Fundación Senara in Spain. Fundación Senara began its work in 1997. The word Senara comes from the Medieval Spanish word which means a parcel of land that is given by a generous landlord to the tenants for freely cultivating the plots (that is, free from the rules of serfdom). Thus, the word relates to a […]