Support for Tewa Training Centre to help women's education in rural Kenya

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Help us support Tewa Training Centre to enable women in rural areas of Kenya to continue their education.


Due to the pandemic, the Kenyan government has closed down all schools and encouraging online teaching instead. However many women in rural areas have limited access to internet or smartphones, thus preventing them to continue with their ongoing education. The pandemic’s economic impact also means that many young women have to choose between food and the education that promises to lift them out of poverty, forcing families to live off their savings as the country remains in lockdown and the industry is put on halt.


This means that without any support, many women won't be able to complete their education even when the pandemic is over.


In order to help girls and women to obtain the education they so hard worked for, the Tewa Training Centre aims to invest in young women’s soft skills as much as hard skills, so Tewa students are in a strong position once the economy picks up again.


With your support, Tewa can reduce the effects of COVID-19 on young women in rural Kenya and help rebuild their lives. We have teamed up with the WONDER Foundation and their partner Tewa Training Centre in their campaign to collect donations to fund scholarships, emergency assistance and online learning tools for Tewa’s students.


Please consider giving a donation to this honorable cause and to support Kenyan students after the pandemic.  


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