Pedalling for a change

Tanith Alderson

My mission is to pedal the distance of 102 miles over 6 weeks. This is the distance from my house in Whitley Bay to my Auntie's all the way in Shipley, West Yorkshire. It usually takes us 2 hours to drive there so I know the distance and how long it takes. By completing my mission I hope to raise some money to help make a change and support women and young girls all around the world receive an education. We are all fighting for change but for some the fight is much harder. This isn't going to be easy as I have never done something like this before but I am prepared for a challenge. I intend on doing this through long and short rides over the next 6 weeks.

Go Tanith! I am super proud of you.

harriet alderson

We're super impressed Tanith! Pedal like the wind! Lots of love from Alice & Juan & Rafael x x x

Alice Mateos-Dipper

Go Tanith! What an inspiration you will be to lots of our young ladies X

Michelle Ferry

Absolutely brilliant Tanith! You should be very proud as we all are of you. Beating that patriarchy one ride at a time! Big good luck from London - can't wait for updates.

Maggie Hayes

Well done Tanith. Jason is very impressed! Cx

Claire McCourt

Keep pedalling Tanith you super star ⭐️

Zoe Furness

Go Tanith!

Alison Potter

Brilliant Tanith!! I am so impressed. Keep up the pedalling xx

Karen Jeff

Great stuff Tanith :)

Tricia Neira

Good Luck Tanith I am standing on my doorstep waiting for you!!! We are super proud of you xxx Aunty Hannah and Uncle Gonzo

Hannah Weatherill

Well done Tanith x pedal power x

Sandra Davies

I think this is such a great thing you are doing Tanith. Inspirational 😊

Gail Barlow

Amazing work Tanith! Brilliant cause and love the hard work and determination. Keep going, almost there xx

Evelyn Morgan

Go girl

Lorraine Thomas

Wow Go Tanith! What a brilliant thing to do!

Shelley Burns

Well done Tanith

Cath McElheran

Go Tanith! Invest in the future, enjoy the ride! Big love, Gramps

Malcolm Frow

Go Tanith! We're proud of you. Invest in the future, enjoy the ride! Big love, Gramps & Emma

Malcolm Frow

Well done Tanith! Keep pedalling x

Nicola Sinclair

What a wonderful achievement Tanith and such a worthy cause! Well done! Xxx

Astrid Alvarez

Good luck Tanith. Ask your mum about the time she and I cycled along a riverside in Japan with an inflatable pig and panda in our bike baskets...... enjoy your cycling!

Charlotte Nakamoto

Go Tanith. You've got this!! Lots of love Jess and Caroline xx

Caroline Turnbull

Well done Tanith! 👏🚴‍♀️👏 Nina & Bev xx


Go on there pet!!!!!!!

Nicola Donnelly

Well done Tanith, your amazing! Love from The Coopers xxx

Melanie Cooper

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