Emergency Support following impact of Typhoon Quinta / Rolly / Ulysses

Charlene Ching

Help give emergency support to families significantly impacted by three successive typhoons that have washed thru the Philippines

In recent weeks, the Philippines has seen three successive typhoons Quinta, Rolly and Ulysses wash thru the regions of Bicol, MIMAROPA, Calabrazon, Cagayan Valley and the National Capital Region.  Innumerable families have been affected with lives lost, houses flooded, possessions washed away, and livelihoods destroyed.

We are rallying for emergency aid for students and their families, from Punlaan and Anihan Schools and their sister organisations, who have been severely affected by the typhoons, in order help them get back on their feet.  Moreover, our students need the support to mitigate any further disruption to the attendance of their online classes.

Your support will go towards:

  • Immediate provision of basic necessities - food, water, clothing
  • Rebuilding of homes and neighbourhood clean up
  • Transport for students to travel to neighbouring areas with electricity and data signal to charge their study gadgets and connect to online classes
  • Restarting family livelihood - fixing damaged fishing boats, funding for their micro businesses and agricultural livelihood

Hope this helps.

Melinda Whitehead

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