DRC Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

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We urgently need your support to help our local partner Monkole Hospital in DRC buy the essential equipment they need to slow the spread of Coronavirus.

DRC is one of the most at-risk countries in Africa, which is already struggling with measles and cholera epidemics, and is just emerging from an 18-month ebola outbreak.

In DRC, there is one doctor and for nurses for every 10,000 people and there is a serious shortage of medical supplies.

There are only five ventilators in DRC for a population of 84 million. But that's only part of the problem, hospitals are facing a shortage of basic supplies like oxygen and soap are needed first to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

We urgently need your help

Monkole Hospital, the ISSI nursing school reference hospital, has started receiving its first coronavirus patients.

Monkole Hospital needs emergency support to buy the essential equipment they need to slow the spread of the disease, protect their staff and treat the sick.

They already have a serious shortage of even the most basic supplies needed to fight this virus- things like masks, oxygen, soap.

Your support during this time is crucial to help them buy the essential equipment they need to deal with this global health crisis, as well as food and protective equipment for their staff.

Your help will provide the urgent financial support Monkole Hospital needs to cope with the coronavirus outbreak in DRC.

Wonderful work Wonder!


We are all God's children, thank you all that are remembering this and acting on it.


My heart and soul is with the DRC and my kinfolk.

Letitia Kamayi

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