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Phil Smith

Education is important and black lives matter

Karen Crawford

just godbless

Wohehiv Algonquin

They say good deeds come from selfishness...let's all be more selfish then! Keep up with the hard work!

Lorena Russo

God bless your kind hearts always.

Gbemisola Jones

TS Real Estate

Harriet Large

I would love to Gift Aid my donation to Wonder Foundation but im a Kenyan

Teresa Lubano

Wonderful charity to aid girls learning

Emilia Martin

Thank you Wonder for the incredibly important life-saving and empowering work that you do; especially in my birth country of Nigeria!

Emmi Egbuonu

I'm overawed by the work that the Wonder Foundation has been doing all over the world and wish to support it how I can. Keep up the good work!

Chinwe Nzewi

It should not be the case that being born female make you more likely to be illiterate. I wish I could donate more. #SexMatters

Helen Coatsworth

I work at the University of Kent as a Sociology lecturer, and am one of our school's union representatives. Following the Black Lives Matter protests in May/June, our school issued a statement of support. In it, we as union members pledged to donate money that was collected from the pockets of our colleagues to a black education cause chosen by our students. In our school we have a significant number of black students studying degrees in Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology, and we wanted to demonstrate that we believe in equal access to education and opportunities for all students regardless of race or background, and that our strike was in solidarity with all in an effort to improve the higher education sector. I'm delighted to let you know that your organisation received a large number of votes in a poll conducted with the students, and therefore we would like to donate £250 on behalf of UCU staff and all our students in SSPSSR.

Triona Fitton

Want to help girls' education round the world.

Hannah Coustick

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