Build a Study Centre for Women in Nigeria

Nicole Bayes-Fleming

Uzommiri supports up to 300 girls and mothers each month with a range of programmes focused on empowering them to improve their lives. The centre is a community hub for school girls, mothers and university students offering a range of projects including leadership, mentoring and literacy programmes which aim to improve academic performance levels particularly in core subjects (English and Maths). This builds the girls and mothers confidence and agency so they can make good decisions in their lives, and leave poverty. Uzommiri’s literacy programme has been running for 5 years. Struggling students in low quality schools are offered tuition and mentoring in a safe and caring environment, and supported to work-hard to break the cycle of poverty. The aim of the programme is to bring the best out of each girl and open new opportunities and horizons to them. Most of the centre activities are currently done in a rented property, but they have recently acquired a large plot of land and they are raising money to build a new large activity centre. The new building will increase number of activities and allow them to reach hundreds more women and girls. Please help us build the new centre and support thousands more women and girls through education and mentoring programmes and out of poverty.

£20 donated of £10,000 goal

Latest donors:

  • Ijeoma Ugwuanyi