Enter our Youth Policy Competition!

Enter the Being & Belonging Youth Policy Competition for your chance to win £300 and have your idea featured on our website!

Young people have so many great ideas for improving their communities, and we want to hear from you!

Are you a passionate student, who wants to make a positive difference? Are you keen to share your ideas to improve migrant integration in the UK and EU? Would you like to develop your advocacy skills and receive advice from migration experts?  

Enter the Being & Belonging Youth Policy Competition for your chance to win £300 and have your idea featured on our website! 

The competition encourages you to identify an idea that you think could make the world more welcoming for migrants and minorities, and promote integration and inclusion. 

The competition process is simple: you don’t need prior experience, just a good idea and an understanding of how it could work in practice. 

 It can be really simple but effective, or more complex, thinking about what could be done at the national or European level  

Some examples: initiatives for getting communities together and sharing cultural ideas, or as simple as making government websites accessible for people who cannot read the local language 

The best ideas will then be discussed and refined at our Youth Policy Workshop, which you are also invited to attend on Friday 24 June, in London. There, you will have the chance to present your refined ideas to a panel of experts. 

Click here to learn more about Being and Belonging.

How to Enter

Deadline: May 29 

Fill out this form for your idea, or answer the questions in a creative way (i.e. via video) and send your answers to programmes@wonderfoundation.org.uk 

If you have supporting documents which cannot be shared here, please email them to programmes@wonderfoundation.org.uk using the subject line:  Policy Competition 2022_YOUR NAME_YOUR POLICY TITLE. Sending supporting documents is optional. 

Eligibility: You must be between the ages of 16 and 30 to enter. If you are under 18 and would like to enter, we will also require permission from your parent/guardian. Based in the UK (citizenship not necessary). 

Competition Prizes

The winner will receive £300.

Your idea will be featured on our website and shared with our partners. 

Mentoring session with a policy expert. 

Chance to intern at WONDER. 

We will help you craft a dissemination plan for your policy idea. 

All participants will receive a certificate, and be noted on our website.