Trauma-Informed Practice: What it is and why it matters

In recent years, the significant impact of trauma has become widely acknowledged. But what does trauma-informed practice look like, and how do we implement it? The NGO and social services sector has identified that trauma-informed practice must be a central tenet of providing mindful, equitable, and impactful care and support. On Saturday, March 26, volunteers […]

In their own words: Ukrainian refugees in Poland

In this blog, our Polish partners share their experiences of supporting families who arrive from Ukraine. Since Russia invaded, over three million refugees have fled Ukraine. Most have gone to Poland, where WONDER is working with our local partners to provide emergency and long-term support to hundreds of families.  Galina’s family, Krępsk  “Today we welcomed a […]

Empowering migrant women to thrive in Poland

As Poland opens its borders to those fleeing the war in Ukraine, we wanted to share our learning with others seeking to make migrants feel welcome. The following is a condensed version of our FATIMA report, “Empowering Migrant Women to Thrive,” translated into Polish. We intend for our Polish partners to use this as a […]

Why mentoring is key to empowering women

A key component of WONDER’s work is our mentoring, and the individual support each woman and girl receives in our projects. We believe that education on its own is not enough to help vulnerable women and girls learn and succeed. Mentoring plays a key role in empowering women. What is mentoring? WONDER defines mentoring as […]

Ukraine crisis: how you can help women and children

In the face of the current crisis in Ukraine, WONDER is supporting Ukrainians who are arriving in Poland in search of safety.   Due to the Ukrainian government’s mandate that men stay in the country, most of these refugees are women and young children. We are committed to meeting the needs of all those fleeing […]

Insight report on the future of work: Women (Dis)Connected

In this report, WONDER Foundation sheds light on the challenges facing women and girls’ education as a result of the gender digital divide and the ongoing pandemic.   The impact of COVID-19 on women’s education As an education charity, we were deeply concerned about women’s exclusion from online learning as classrooms closed for 90% of […]

How educating women and girls could help fight climate change

Women and girls are disproportionately affected by climate change. Their education could be the key to a greener future.     The UN has labelled 2021 as the seventh hottest year on record. This is already having a catastrophic effect on the lives of women and girls in the developing world. Although accountable for only 21 […]