Our mission and vision

Our mission is to empower women, girls and their community through access to quality education, so that they can exit poverty for good.

Our mission 

Our mission is to empower women, girls and their community through access to quality education so that they can exit poverty for good. We recognise the intrinsic dignity of every human being as the basis of their human rights and freedom at each stage of their lives. Each person has the right to be respected and empowered to make informed decisions about their own lives and to give that same respect to those around them. 

Our vision for a better world

A future where women and girls are empowered to make informed life choices and lead the way in their own personal development. Where women are recognised as leaders in society, respected within their families. Where women design and lead projects that benefit and empower other women and girls.

A future where quality education and good work is the key to ending poverty. Where it is recognised that education is a long term investment and solution. Where education takes place in empowering and safe spaces which are conducive to learning. Where training is locally relevant and leads to good employment. 

A future where every person is valued and their intrinsic dignity are respected. Where personal growth is recognised as a process that takes time can be supported through mentoring. Where tailored interventions are preferred to mass solutions. Where young people are celebrated for their enthusiasm, creativity and potential.

A future where development celebrates local knowledge and aims to learn from communities. Where local knowledge is weighed equally to that of experts and relied on to respond to local needs and solutions. Where local people are given the financial, material and intellectual resources to create sustainable change that they own.

A future where stable families are regarded as a basic support system, their positive economic and social impact is recognised. Where families, not policymakers, choose the size of their family. Where family members are cherished whatever their age, gender, sexual orientation or status and have equal access to educational opportunities and good work.

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