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About us

We are a woman-led charity dedicated to transforming the lives of women, girls and their communities through quality education.

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to empower women, girls and their communities through access to quality education so that they can transform their lives and exit poverty for good.

WONDER is working, with our local partners, towards a future where women and girls are able to make informed life choices and grow in their own personal development.


Our story

WONDER was established as a charity in 2012 as the Women’s Network for Development and Educational Resources (WONDER), with a drive to empowering women and their communities through education. We have taken great steps towards our mission of providing access to quality education to women and girls. Since 2012, we have supported over 50,000 women and girls through 37 projects.


How we use your donations

Your support helps to transform the lives of women, girls and their communities around the world. During our last financial year, 92% of our income was spent on our work to empower women and girls. Of this income:

92% graph

92% was spent on supporting our partner projects.

6% graph

6% was spent on direct bursaries.

2% graph

2% was spent on fundraising and awareness.


Our team

At WONDER, we come to work every day because we are passionate about helping women and girls fulfil their potential and become leaders in their own lives. Click below to meet our team, our board and our trustees.


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