Join the Walk with MIRIAM challenge

This June, walk or run to support the integration of refugee and migrant women and girls in Europe


We empower women and girls through quality education and access to employment opportunities by:

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Partnering locally

With our partners, we respond to local needs and help them deliver the best education projects

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Supporting women leaders

We work with local women-led projects who share our mission

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Promoting sustainability

Real change takes time, so we partner with projects that provide long-term solutions to education

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Taking a whole-person approach

Our partners work with each woman and girl, assessing their individual needs


Education transforms lives

The positive impacts of educating women and girls is far-reaching. Educating a woman improves her wellbeing and that of her family, and gives her the chance to earn a better, more secure income. An educated woman is able to negotiate within her family and make better decisions for her family. As her confidence grows she is able to lead at work and in her community.


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