5 reasons to give to WONDER

You can transform a woman or a girl’s life with your generosity.

Millions of women and girls globally are denied access to quality education. Victims of poverty and traditional gender biases, 65 million girls and young women are kept out of the classroom, and millions more are in school but barely learning. We work with 21 local women-led partners around the world to change this. Here are five reasons to give to WONDER:

1. You have the ability to change a woman or a girls’ life with your generosity:

As little as just £3 could cover one student’s fees for a week at ISSI, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As little as £10 can pay for a girl to attend an afterschool activity at the Baytree Centre, Brixton, for a term. No matter how big or small, your contribution can make a significant difference in a woman or girl’s life.

2. WONDER projects focus on sustainability, so you know your gift is creating long-term change:

WONDER works with sustainable projects that have a proven record of success in order to empower women to empower both themselves and their families. Education is the primary means through which the cycle of poverty can be broken. Women are likely to use their newfound success to help support their children and wider community ensuring that our projects create community-wide, generational transformations.

3. We rely on your donations, of which 98% goes directly to your chosen cause:

At WONDER we emphasise transparency. You know exactly where your donation is going and what it is being used for. We work closely with our partner projects to ensure that your donation is used in the areas where it’s most needed, whether that be on a scholarship for an underprivileged girl or running ESOL classes for refugees.

4. We have a record of success: since our founding in 2012, we have transformed the lives of 50,757 women and girls across the world!

In 2018/19 alone, we directly impacted the lives of 8,265 women and girls across 19 countries. In the same year, over 864 women and girls graduated from our programs and began their new lives. As our testimonies demonstrate, since our founding we have a consistent record of creating transformative change through education. Be a part of ending gender inequality and breaking the global cycle of poverty, by providing a woman or a girl with an education!

5. It’s Christmas, and in the spirit of giving is there really a better time?

With a simple gesture, anyone and everyone can donate and make a difference! This Christmas, when you give to our family and friends, why not extend your goodwill and change someone’s life not just today, but forever. Below are three of our amazing partner projects, which we are highlighting this Holiday season:

Kamalini Centre, India:

Historically, less privileged women in India have been marginalised and undereducated. Whilst India has experienced an economic boom, female access to new job markets and opportunities has been disproportionately low. For many, especially those in more rural states such as Haryana, this economic prosperity has failed to transform their lives.

The work of Kamalini is essential for breaking down gender-based economic divisions and empowering marginalised women. Kamalini offers both vocational training such as tailoring and sewing classes as well as mentoring as a means of both academic and personal support in the regions of New Delhi and Haryana for women who have had to leave education at an early age. Many Kamalini students became early mothers, having been married off as children.

Alongside our partner, WONDER focuses on grassroots entrepreneurship and empowerment for both women and their wider communities. Through technical training and mentoring students graduate with a market-specific skill-set allowing over 80% of graduates to double their income. WONDER supports Kamalini by providing scholarships for the schools most underprivileged students to access tailoring courses for 3 months to a year, so they can go on to establish their own businesses or get a good job. Since we began working with Kamalini in 2015, we have directly impacted the lives of 3,447 women!

Kamalini in Delhi and Haryana region giving basic education, vocational training and work placements

Junkabal, Guatemala:

The Guatemala City rubbish dump is over 40-acres, Central America’s largest. For those living and working around the dump, poverty and pollution are central to every-day life. Whilst education is free and compulsory in Guatemala for six years, most families cannot afford to send their children to school at the secondary level, leaving 30% of the female population illiterate. Over 2 million children do not attend school at all, with the children and families living near the dump being particularly excluded.

The Junkabal Foundation addresses the needs of these families through education and mentoring. WONDER and Junkabal provide high-quality education for girls (at Colegio Junkabal) and vocational training (at Junkabal vocational training school) for their mothers ensuring cross-generational empowerment. The foundation has worked for over 50 years to empower mothers to gain a good, market-specific education that enables them to enter better and safer employment away from the dump. As one of the first organisations WONDER partnered with, in 2013, we have directly impacted the lives of 7, 082 women and girls creating their own, individualised way out of poverty.

ISSI: Institut Supérieur en Science, Democratic Republic of Congo:

ISSI is the leading institution for training nurses in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Currently, the DRC is facing a major health crisis, which has only been exacerbated by the ongoing Ebola epidemic, placing its already severely underdeveloped healthcare system under immense pressure. In a nation where they are just 5 nurses and midwives for every 10,000 people, and just 1 doctor, ISSI equips students with the skills to effectively tackle the crisis and create long-term change to healthcare services in DRC.

ISSI students are trained to meet international standards using dual teaching methods, alternating between practical and clinical work and provides an individualised support system for students, who are often themselves underprivileged, through the schools mentoring programme. In addition, ISSI works within the wider community outside of the capital, Kinshasa. By establishing small-scale outreach hospitals ISSI works with the poorest and vulnerable in the unconnected rural regions of the DRC.


You can also explore giving to our partner and projects, in other nations!

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