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Join the Thrive Fund to give women and girls consistent access to quality education through scholarships.

As the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic remain ongoing, millions of women and girls around the world have been struggling to continue their education. Repeated lockdowns, school closures and financial pressures have caused many to put their learning on pause. As a result, they have lost out on the opportunity to develop new skills, get a fairly paid job, and transform their lives. The Thrive Fund aims to change this.

WONDER’S Thrive Fund is a community of passionate monthly donors on a mission to give women and girls access to quality education through scholarships. Members commit to donating £7 or more each month to fund scholarships and make a vital, long-term investment in women and girls’ education and economic empowerment.

A scholarship can make a big difference in the lives of women and girls. The money from a scholarship helps students by providing a stable source of support. This means that the women and girls in our programme can focus more on their education, without having to worry about whether they can pay their fees or if they have to choose between education and other day-to-day needs.

How will the Thrive Fund drive long-term change?

Through the Thrive Fund, WONDER will provide women and girls in our programmes around the world with scholarships that provide sustained and stable support. This means they can continue on their educational journeys even when they are faced with hard times, equipping them with the skills they need to shape their own futures.

What will members receive from the Thrive Fund?

As a member, you will receive stories from the ground and updates on how your generosity is making an impact around the world each month. Each year, you will also be invited to join us at an exclusive event to celebrate your gift and its impact.

Are you ready to join the Thrive Fund and make an impact all year round? You can join today for £7 or more a month.

Author: Dowon Kim, volunteer at WONDER Foundation

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