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Your support will transform lives

When women and girls gain access to quality education and training, they gain access to a better future.


We are dedicated to empowering women and girls through quality education and access to good work.

Local partners

We rely on their expertise to respond to local needs and solution to deliver the best education projects.

Whole-person approach

We work with partners who see each woman and girl they work with as an individual.


We work with local women-led partners who share our mission of empowering women and girls through education.

Sustainable change

We believe that real change takes time. We partner with projects that provide long-term solutions to education.


Education transforms lives

Education makes women feel empowered and capable of making a difference to the community around them. Access to education is therefore the key needed to unlock a future of opportunities for women from less priviledged backgrounds. The effects of schooling are often far-reaching and positively affect generation after generation.


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