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We mostly focus on supporting vulnerable women and girls, but some of our work is broader or more specific than that. Browse projects below based on the groups supported.

Women and girls

The world has seen decades of encouraging progress towards gender equality around the world, but we know that we can do better. Women and girls still face more disadvantages than men in education, the world of work and basic rights in most countries. Although of course needs vary by context, this is the reason why we predominantly work with projects that aim to empower women and girls through education.

Where we work

Young people

Education and support early in life is essential to break the cycle of poverty, which is why many of our partner projects work with young people more broadly. However, this alone is not enough. We believe that listening to young people, allowing them to feed into policy and direct interventions is essential to engage them in getting the skills they need to face a changing world.

Our projects for young people

Refugees and migrants

In the UK and across Europe we support projects that focus on helping vulnerable refugee and migrant women and girls, as well as their broader communities, learn the language of their new home and adjust to their new surroundings

Our projects for refugees & migrants


Families are central to children’s education and development, which is why we often support projects that include them in their model of education, or sometimes projects that focus on them specifically.

How we work with families