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We empower vulnerable women, girls and communities through education.

Our work falls into two categories. Firstly, we support local, sustainable education projects in the UK and worldwide by sharing our knowledge and expertise, and helping secure funding through donations and grants. Secondly, we amplify the voices of our partners, and wider issues around female disadvantage, to influence policy and improve access to good quality education across the world.

Partner projects

We partner with projects that have a proven track record in assisting disadvantaged communities through education. In practice, this involves giving girls and young women the training required to enter a high-quality job, enabling them to lift themselves, their family – and ultimately their community – out of poverty for good.

It is important that training is appropriate to the local job market. For example, many of the colleges we work with train women in nursing, hospitality or retail. These projects are also run by local people, which is crucial for both community relevance and sustainability. At Wonder, our key aim is to help students escape poverty. But these projects also provide essential personal development support, ensuring students are resilient enough to complete their education and use it to improve their own lives.

We partner with local, sustainable education projects in the UK and worldwide, helping them get the funding, knowledge and skills they need. We amplify the voices of our partners, supporting them as they provide education powerful enough to end poverty.

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Core activities

Our support and activities are tailored, but broadly fit into four main areas:

  • Sharing knowledge: sharing successful models between our different partners, conducting research in policy or country-specific questions. Take a look at our Helping Hands project to explore how this works. 

  • Raising awareness, influencing policy: organising workshops, conferences and other events to draw attention to key issues for our partners and advocate for certain policies where relevant. A key recent example is our "Women Breaking the English Barrier" research. 

  • Fundraising & investment: helping partners apply for grant funding, mobilising private donations through events, individual contacts and diaspora groups in the UK. 

  • Community engagement: encouraging co-production at every level of project design and implementation. For an example, see our A Refugee Like Me project.  

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