WONDER offers training for community leaders, volunteers and organisations. In the last year we have organised workshops on project management, fundraising, community engagement, supporting and mentoring volunteers, child protection and personal development, amongst others, both in the UK and for organisations working overseas.

What our past participants have learned 

"I want to be more reflective in my volunteer work"

"I have seen that even the smallest of tasks can be seen as a project that requires some form of management- structure does help"

"It was useful to think about how we can make improvements to the structure and variety of the activity going forward"

"It was incredibly useful and I really appreciated your honesty"

"I enjoyed exchanging thoughts and ideas"

"I now see the importance of engaging the children in constructive discussions to allow openness and add increased benefits to our programme".

"The whole day was very well planned and paced"

"I have seen that I need to ask for help and not take on too many projects!"

If you would like us to deliver a training session in your organisation or local area, please contact us.

Where we have delivered training:

Nigeria - Philippines - Spain - UK - Slovenia - Latvia - DR Congo

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