Our Research

WONDER is keen to promote the exchange of knowledge between our partners and others interested in ending poverty and supporting vulnerable women and girls.

Our research to date includes:

2016: Women in Kazakhstan - insight report


2016: Empowerment through Education - Women Breaking the English Barrier 

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2015: the importance of English-language education for migrant women in the UK

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2015: Knowledge, training and experience of healthcare professionals in addressing FGM at a London hospital

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2014: the incidence of FGM in Westminster, London

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2010: The Spalding Method: an evaluation for the Baytree Centre, Brixton. 

Brooks, G. and Burton, M. (2010) University of London and Sheffield University

An evaluation of whether the Spalding method, as piloted by our partner, Baytree, helped female migrant ESOL learners to improve their English reading, writing and spelling and confidence in themselves. 


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If you would like to undertake research related to our partners, please contact us.