We work with local partners in the Philippines to ensure that women and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds have a route out of poverty through education. Your generous donations continue to make this possible.


Our key partner in the Philippines is the Foundation for Professional Training Incorporated (FPTI).

FPTI schools across Manila, Cebu, and Calabarzon help women and girls from poor families in the Philippines to gain skills in hospitality, management and business, leading to higher quality employment.

Students at FPTI schools divide their studies equally between the classroom and working in industry, ensuring their employability (many are offered jobs before graduation). Students also receive one-to-one mentoring, which means that these girls from low-income backgrounds are supported through the huge changes that they go through in their quest to become excellent professionals, while balancing studies with their home lives and families’ need for financial support.

The course and subsequent employment can then have a real impact on the student’s family, enabling her to fund the education of younger family members and help to lift her relatives out of poverty.

“After graduation I was able to support my two sisters’ studies until they graduated, as well as the dailyfinancial needs of my family. I had the chance to help my father to buy a new tricycle (he is a tricycledriver). Now that three of us have good jobs we feel so blessed that we now have a higher standard of living” – FPTI graduate Aiza.

We also worked with FPTI back in 2013 to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan rebuild their lives and livelihoods. 

Please email if you want more information on these projects, or download the factsheets below:

Why invest in education in the Philippines?

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