Against a backdrop of poverty, economic inequality and machismo culture, young women in Peru need the skills to take advantage of the country's growing tourism industry. You can help them access this education. 

Nicole, a Condoray student.


In Peru, just 56% of women have received some form of secondary education, and only 35% of full time adult workers are female. Poverty often causes children to cut short their education to support their family and, later on in life, trafficking, domestic abuse and male-dominated structures can limit access to training and decent jobs for women. This perpetuates poverty, especially in rural parts of the country. 

The Wonder Foundation and Condoray College work together to provide scholarships for girls from low-income families to ensure that they too can study and train at the college, and gain certified qualifications and skills necessary to start their career in the booming tourism industry. A variety of certified three-year hands-on training programmes in cooking, accounting and hospitality management are offered, in addition to shorter courses for skills ranging from IT to baking are offered. Condoray has developed an  excellent reputation, and students are highly sought after by employers. Secure employment means girls can increase their family’s income, bring sustainable economic and social development to their communities, and are empowered to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families. Any children they have will also grow up in more stable circumstances, with better education and life choices, avoiding early marriages, involuntary servitude and trafficking.

“I can generate additional income through catering, which is a great support to my family. I have put my earnings back into paying bank loans that were taken out to complete the construction of my family’s house” - Nicole, Condoray student.