Orisun Outreach - Support for Schoolgirls in Ibadan

The Orisun Outreach Project serves schoolgirls from vulnerable communies in Nigeria’s third most populous city, Ibadan.

I know that I need to finish school if I want to get a job. I don’t want my children to be hungry. I don’t want to get married until I finish my education. Some of my classmates who dropped out of school already have babies but I want to continue to get training in hospitality as cookery is something that I have really enjoyed in the Orisun classes. - Preye

Through the project an outreach worker goes into local schools to engage young women with few opportunies through teaching cookery. Girls are excited by the prospect of trying new foods and learn about budgeting and nutrition. Overall the project:

  • Encourages girls to stay in school and builds their confidence
  • Teaches nutrion and budgeng skills to help the girls and their families to be healthy
  • Provides them with mentoring so that they can raise their aspiraons and are supported to meet them.

The girls typically come from families who make their livings as petty traders, mainly selling to university students in the area. 

Download a factsheet here. 

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