Wonder's Work in Nigeria

In Nigeria 46% of people live below the poverty line. Many young women are not able to get an education past the secondary level, which results in early marriage, involuntary domestic servitude, and a higher vulnerability to trafficking. This is typically due to the girls’ family’s lack of financial resources, which causes a cyclical pattern of poverty. Many older women live with the consequences of these patterns and desperately want to improve their situations so that their children have more opportunities than they did. You can make this possible.

Like all of our partners, Wonder Foundation's projects in Nigeria offer education that leads to long-term change for women and their families. 

Our current projects are:

Lantana College

Based in Enugu, this college of hospitality offers opportunities for young women to gain skills and access good jobs. It also teaches resilience to those girls through mentoring, and encourages them to give back to their communities. Read more here.


Orisun Outreach

Working in Ibadan, this project visits schools in the city, providing opportunities for schoolgirls to learn about health and nutrition in a fun way and also to receive mentoring, raising aspirations, making early marriage less likely and supporting girls to finish school and make positive choices for their futures. Read more here.


Abidagba Clinic

Serving rural villages in Ogun state, the clinic has a strong preventative focus. Through community engagement and classes for new and expectant mothers and school girls, the local community is learning how to stay healthy. Infant mortality has reduced to zero and people are learning the prevention and management of common illnesses such as diabetes which prevent people from working, aggravating their poverty. Read more here. 



By providing expertise and resources and the exchange of ideas we also work with Wavecrest College in Lagos and Iwollo Clinic in Enugu.