Lantana College

Lantana College of Hospitality is a vocational institution that provides technical and professional skills to young women from less privileged areas in Enugu, Nigeria. Lantana helps women find their independence by giving them the experience they need to take care of themselves and their families financially. With this education, Nigerian women can break the cycle that so many young girls fall victim to and can inspire and support future generations to continue on with their education. 


“ My mother passed away and my father is a gardener. He earns very little which is not enough to take care of me and my siblings. I was sent to live with a family friend. She paid my fees in Secondary School and now sponsors my education in Lantana. At Lantana I have learnt to be hardworking and more responsible. I have been empowered with skills and I am now confident that the future is very bright for me and my family. I will finish my studies in Lantana in March and I am very sure that I will get a job immediately like all the other past students. This will allow me to then help support my other siblings to finish their education”. - CHINENYE – Lantana student

During the 2014/2015 school season, Lantana will train 52 girls with tuition at £1,708 per student. Lantana provides scholarships to those who qualify, which is where you come in! Please help the women of Nigeria break the poverty cycle by giving what you can today.     



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