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Q: What is Wonder Foundation in one sentence?

A: Wonder Foundation is a charity based in the UK that works to improve the all-round wellbeing and create change in poor or vulnerable communities worldwide, providing better access to education, health services and personal and social development tools for women internationally through a local approach.


Q: What is Wonder's mission?

A: To improve the all-round wellbeing of vulnerable communities worldwide, through increased access to education, healthcare and economic and personal development tools. 


Q: How was Wonder Foundation founded?

A: WONDER was established in 2009 through the initiative of a group of women based in London but hailing from all over the world. We were registered as a company in 2011 and as a charity in 2012.Some of these women had been involved in the People First Society, a student society that was founded at the University of London in 1999 and promoted the dignity of each person through positive campaigning, promoting development, and grassroots action. As many of these young people returned to their countries following their studies, they continued to share ideas and to get involved in grassroots action. WONDER continues to work with many of these women, who provide us with support and insight into the challenges in their countries, and WONDER provides them with support when necessary.


Q: Is Wonder Foundation a registered charity?

A: Yes, number 1148679. We gained charitable status in 2012.Wonder Foundation is also registered with Companies House as a company limited by guarantee. Our company number is 7921757.


Q: How is Wonder improving the lives of women and children in need?

A: We work with our partners by sharing knowledge, networking, fundraising, and marketing and raising awareness.

We train project leaders to design projects and manage processes adequately and efficiently. We also train volunteers and enabe the sharing of resource materials to improve the quality of projects.

We connect project leaders with those who want to volunteer their time or donate, share successful models and best practice amongst our partners, fundraise for and finance projects that will have the greatest impact on communities, and use contacts and promotional material to raise awareness of projects and related issues. To learn more about WONDER's work, click here.


Q: Where does Wonder work?

A: WONDER works with several different organizations throughout the UK, Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. To learn more about these programs and where we work click here.


Q: How does Wonder encourage young women to be active citizens?

A: WONDER provides opportunities for young women to gain the skills that they need to take leadership within their communities, neighbourhoods, and society more broadly. This work includes providing opportunities for young people to take on responsibility incrementally, gain experience, understand other cultures, gain leadership, teamwork and character skills, and serve other people.


Q: What do I do if I only want to support one specific project? Is this possible?

A: Yes, that’s possible. Please email for further information.


Q: Can I support Wonder in the UK?

A: Yes, please contact us.


Q: What types of programmes does Wonder support? Are these influenced by your Christian ethos?

A: The projects that WONDER works with are in the fields of health and education, both formal and informal. These projects should serve their whole communities, not just Christians within them, and recognise the dignity of every person whom they work with.

Projects proposed by WONDER or our partners are evaluated according to the strictest criteria to ensure best practice and positive social impact. We encourage interventions that are proven to work based on scientific evidence, evidence of social impact, and other factors that confirm effectiveness.

WONDER puts priority on projects aimed at women and children living in rural areas or impoverished urban areas, health programmes, literacy programmes for children, adolescents, and adults, primary education (formal and informal), teacher training, vocational and job training, multi-disciplinary and holistic education programmes, projects that are able to obtain additional local resources as a result of WONDER's support and funding, and projects that can generate additional development initiatives.

WONDER focuses on improving the efficiency of beginning and continuing projects and helping communities to help themselves. Sustainable impact is a must.

For more information about our projects, look at the "Where We Work" tab at the top of the page.


Q. Does Wonder only work with Christians?

A: As WONDER is built on the Christian values of Love, Solidarity, Dignity, Partnership, and Universality, the projects that WONDER works with are open to all that can benefit from them, regardless of their religious affiliations. To learn more about our projects click here.


Q. Are there other ways I can support Wonder?

A: Yes! Please click here


Q. Do you only work with women?

A: Wonder Foundation is universal in outlook and not limited to any social group, race, gender, religion, or political affiliation. However, the WONDER Foundation does work predominantly with women as our projects are geared towards the benefit of women and their families (though families normally include men and so our work does sometimes venture into this area). Most of our volunteers are women, as part of our mission is to empower women and give them skills, which they often do on placement. We also must consider that the vulnerable women beneficiaries of our projects  may not be comfortable being assisted by a man for personal or cultural reasons. However, we can always find opportunities for men to support our projects with the wonderful skills and experience that they have.


Q: Where can I get updates on Wonder's work?

A: Please subscribe to our newsletter and you can also follow us on twitter and ‘like’ our Facebook page.


Q: Can I volunteer at one of Wonder's projects abroad?

A: Yes you can, in principle. However, the projects WONDER works with are autonomous and are usually working under pressure with limited resources. If you contact us, we can see if you have the skills that will actively support their projects. However, you can always arrange a visit even if it is not possible for you to volunteer.


Q: Can Wonder support my organisation?

A: We proactively look for partners to advance our work in the fields of education, health, and empowering women, but unfortunately don't have the capacity to support as many organisations as we would like to. However, if you believe that your organisation should partner with WONDER on one of our projects, please contact us.

Partners must be non-profit organisations or social enterprises established in the receiving country and legally recognised by the local authorities. The proposing entity must have a successful track record in the field of education, health, or women's empowerment, as well as local personnel with adequate technical competency to manage the project.


Q: Can I do a medical elective with Wonder?

A: Yes! Get in touch and we will see if we can find an opportunity for you.


Q: Can you help me organise volunteering for my gap year?

A: Yes! Get in touch and we will see if we can find an opportunity for you.


Q: I am looking for contact information for a specific Wonder partner program - where can I find it?

A: Please get in touch. If we have contact details that are also in the public domain, we can give them to you. If the contact details are not public, we can put you in touch in another way if possible.


Q: Can I claim gift aid or contribute via payroll giving?

A: Yes you can! If you donate through this website, we can automatically claim gift aid. For payroll giving please speak to your company's HR department. If you are a higher-rate tax payer and would like to make your donation go further, click here. Tax reclaimed on your gift aid donation will be treated as unrestricted funds that are to be used for Wonder Foundation's work worldwide. 


Q: Does Wonder accept gifts in kind?

A: In principle, yes, but obviously there may be costs associated with sending goods abroad and these may need to be fundraised for separately. You would also need to think about how this may affect your tax liability and import/ export restrictions in some countries, for example sending food or medicines. Please contact us to discuss any questions or concerns.


Q: How can I send a memorial gift in honour of another individual?

A: Remembering a friend or family member in this way always encourages us to work harder. Please get in touch and we can discuss how best to make use of this gift in a way that honours the life of your loved one.


Q: Does Wonder accept legacies?

A: WONDER is always grateful for any funds that can contribute towards our mission and projects. Please get in touch so that we can ensure that any money that you leave will be spent in a manner according to your wishes.


Q: Where can I find out about Wonder finances?

A: Have a look at our Annual Report. If you have a specific question, please contact our treasurer, Dupe Da Silva.


Q: Where can I find out more about your leadership?

A: Get to know more about Wonder's team here.


Q: How much does Wonder pay its staff?

A: Wonder Foundation pays staff a living salary commensurate to London living standards. In general, we rely on the time and generosity of a large number of wonderful and skilled volunteers.


Q: Does Wonder have a good track record with volunteering?

A: Yes! WONDER has had over 230 volunteer recruitment, support and placements of young people in the past 3 years including 23 work placements which have led to sustained employment in 100% of cases. To learn about past volunteers’ experiences please click here.

In 2013, we received accreditation from the European Voluntary Service as a sending and receiving organisation. Want to volunteer?


Q: Does the WONDER Foundation facilitate adoption, fostering or individual sponsorship of women or children in poor countries?

A: No. Our focus is to ensure that vulnerable women and children are supported through the organizations we work with and ultimately that their communities become strong enough that they do not need external support.


Q: Does WONDER belong to any networks or have any memberships?

A: Yes, we are registered with the European Voluntary Service, NCVO and the Fundraising Standards Board. We are also a member of the Gender and Development Network, BOND and a member of the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation network. 


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