Abidagba Clinic

Abidagba Clinic was opened in 1996 on land provided by local people. The clinic serves 31 villages in a remote, forested area.

It offers medical services and wellbeing education offered by a highly-trained nurse and a lab-technician, who both live on-site. Classes are provided to prevent common, but sometimes serious, illnesses, especially amongst children (Esike’s story, below, is typical). Additionally, education is given to help prevent long-term illness— complications from diabetes and heart disease are common and aggravate family poverty. A high quality of care is provided. In the last two years there have been no infant deaths in the surrounding area, a testament to their commitment to excellence and professionalism.

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Esike, aged 1, had diarrhoea, was vomiting a lot and looked smaller, so his mother took him to the health centre. The nurse found that he was anaemic and had kwashiorkor caused by a lack of protein, which caused his feet to swell and made his hair thin, so she gave him some treatment.

His mother then started classes to learn more about what kinds of food to feed Esike and her other children to prevent further illness. Although she struggled to attend regularly due to the distance from her village, she learnt to prepare cheap, nutritious dishes and, to assist, the clinic provided soy pap, milk, beans and milk. When she missed a class she was given a one-to-one catch up when she could next visit.

Esike used to be lethargic, pale and aloof but now he is always smiling and content. He is growing and plays happily with other children.

Photo credit: SabrinaDan

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