Our new report on why vulnerable refugee and migrant women aren't able to learn English & how we can help.
Escaping poverty through education
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Health and hygiene education is saving lives in DR Congo
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One-to-one support lifts those trapped in the multidimensional process of persistent poverty
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Educating women in the Philippines provides sustainable livelihoods and creates resilience

Our Mission

WONDER's mission is to empower vulnerable communities worldwide through education.

We work with partner projects that primarily support women and act as a stimulus for ending poverty in their families and communities. 

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Get Involved

WONDER relies on our donors and volunteers so that we can capacity build our partners and support vulnerable people to exit poverty.

Could you donate or fundraise to change lives? Or perhaps you would like to lend your skills and experience through volunteering with us or one of our partners, either in the UK or overseas? 

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Our Causes

We work with locally-rooted projects both in the UK and in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. Local projects best understand the needs of the communities that they serve and are able to co-produce sustainable routes out of poverty for vulnerable people. More

We focus our work on education projects for women and their families that help them to improve their health and to be empowered. We share information between projects and with influencers on the key issues that they identify.


Latest blogs

Following the release of Wonder's report into the barriers refugee and migrant women face when trying to learn English, we reflect on the wider importance of education, integration and listening to the vulnerable.
Watch Wonder volunteer filmmaker Samantha Kanu's moving film, where two refugee women discuss the process of learning English and talk about its value.
With A Level and GSCE results in the headlines, we share tips for young people who want to make a smooth transition from school into work.

News & events

Winter Wonderland Ball: you're invited!

Wonder's fundraising ball will be taking place on Friday 11th November at the Landsdowne Club in Mayfair, and you're invited!

Why refugee and migrant women aren’t able to learn English in the UK - and what we can do about it

WONDER releseases results of consulation with refugee and migrant women in London who have been unable to learn English. 

A Refugee Like Me: 2-Day Workshop

Come to our Refugee solidarity workshop with expert speakers for young changemakers 16-25 and learn more about what you can do to help young refugees in the UK

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